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Mid-September demonstrations in Warsaw

There are demonstrations planned in Warsaw in mid-September, in particular during the conference. Due to the proximity of the Presidential Palace to the main campus of the University of Warsaw, it is quite probable that near conference site traffic may be affected during some afternoons, especially on Saturday, Sep 14. If you experience problems with getting around in Warsaw, do not hesitate to contact Krzysztof Turzynski (+48 607079706) or Bogumila Swiezewska (+48 533536323).

Cash payment of the conference fee

We would like to inform the participants intending to pay their conference fee at the registration that we can only accept payments in the Polish currency; we apologize for the inconvenience. The following rates will apply:  

Amonut in EUR: 250   125   75
Amount in PLN:   1060   530   320

ATMs are available near the conference venue. Participants who are going to pay their conference fee at the registration are requested to present their passports/identity cards.

Read the bulletin

The bulletin of the conference is now available. It contains some suggestions regarding your travel to Poland and getting around in Warsaw.


Talk upload now functional

Speakers can now upload their talks at Registration > Talk upload.

Program of parallel sessions now available

The program of the parallel sessions is now ready: click on 'Time table and talks' or here.

Program of plenary sessions available

Aug 4

The program of the plenary sessions is now ready: click on 'Time table and talks'.

Abstract upload now open

Jun 19

Abstracts can be uploaded/updated:  click  on the left "Registration" then "Abstract update".

Deadlines approaching

Jul 4

Please note that the option of a reduced conference fee is available for payments made up to July 15.

A preliminary schedule is to be drafted based on abstract submission made before July 30 and we may not be able to accept abstracts submitted after that date